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The Gear Used by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones on The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ 06 Feb 2024
As for amps, most sources claim that Strummer used a Fender Twin Reverb on the album – this was before he found the amp that would quickly become his favorite for the rest of his career, a Music Man 212-HD 130.

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Hastings Tribune 15 Dec 2021
BC-Chart Penn National-8-Add. Penn National Results Tuesday December 14th, 2021. By The Associated Press ... Good ... Trainer ... Better Boogie;124;3;2;2-�;2-�;1-2�;1-4;A ... Four of Swords;120;5;1;1-1;1-hd;2-�;2-2�;T ... 4 (3);Better Boogie;5.00;2.60;2.10 ... .

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News-Press Now 10 Dec 2021
Df Fabulous Boogie;128;2;2;3-hd;3-�;2-�;F ... Three Wild Six;126;10;8;8-1;6-�;3-hd;E ... Stolis Bro;124;5;4;2-�;2-hd;4-�;C ... Amenaza Ejecutiva;126;1;6;5-�;5-�;6-hd;B ... Firejumper;126;11;7;7-�;7-hd;7-�;J ... Lotza Cac;124;9;5;6-hd;8-hd;8-�;J.

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Hastings Tribune 09 Dec 2021
Power Forward;122;5;5;6-7;6-7;2-3;1-hd;A ... Moma Tiger;124;6;4;5-2�;4-hd;1-1;2-12�;D ... Slingin Sammy B;120;1;2;3-1;2-hd;3-4;3-3;C ... Boogie With Me;122;3;3;2-2;1-�;6-2;6-1�;G ... Surprise;120;2;1;1-hd;3-1;7;7;J.
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